iTunes New Zealand. Kinda.

October 26, 2006

iTunes I recently made the switch from Windows to a Mac, and so far I’m really enjoying it.

Like most people say so, I find the Mac really easy to use on the multimedia side. With their bundled iPhoto application, Apple allow you to create a beautiful hardback book to send to your friends and family.

I could not resist (and one of my friends succumbed to this urge as well) and proceeded to create a brilliant looking book. What a fantastic Christmas present.

But, alas, when you’re finished with your book and want to sent it for printing, you find out that this service is only available in the UK and the US! Why did they not tell me (and my mate) that beforehand.

Guess what? We can’t do iTunes here in NZ. There is no iTunes here in NZ. Basically, you need a credit card and billing address in a country of where they DO have iTunes/iPhoto books.

Or do you? I had an old UK debit card, but my billing address is here in NZ. I entered the credit card number, but put in my parents address.

Hey presto. It worked.

So if you have old credit cards from wherever they have iTunes, but are living here, just put in any real address.

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