Grand Theft Auto Meets Business

October 28, 2006

Grand Theft Auto

Playing the PSP game Liberty City Stories, it dawned upon me how “rock solid” computer games are. Business world, please take note.

I mean, look at the sheer complexity that sits behind these games. The insanely complex gaming rules (sic. business rules), the rendering rate (sic. performance), the highly “context sensitive” sound and music (sic. integration), and the mind blowing presentation (sic. user interface). Oh – and it runs on a PSP (sic. server) that fits in my back pocket. Bulletproof. No bugs.

Nowadays, games are built just as movies are. Initial concept, tweak, get the best cast, tweak, storyboard, tweak, then wireframe, tweak, the shoots, tweak, the sound and music, tweak, post-production, tweak, marketing, tweak, marketing, tweak, premiere, tweak, etc, etc, etc. And they are made with intense passion.

Do we build IT systems like this?

Um, thought so.

We ought to.

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