Welcome to Up North Down South.

Being a working class Lancashire Lad, I want life to be made easy for me.

Technology was meant to solve a problem. They said it would reduce the number of working days from five to four. Quite the opposite. There’s just too much data, too many offerings, it’s quite often too bloody expensive, and a lot of the time it’s just downright crap.

We’re infatuated with more and more features, whereby 99% of us only us 5% of the features on offer. Let’s face it. How many of us have bought top of the range camcorders only to end up using the point and shoot function? Thought so.

The simplest things stare at us straight in the face. We often don’t notice. We shouldn’t have to notice.

This blog is really devoted to sharing my experiences from the technology world, things that are wrong that shouldn’t be, things that are right that rock, and just a general brain dump of thoughts!


And some funny stuff, too.
I hope you enjoy.

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