November 3, 2006

McShitI have a confession to make.  I am very impartial to the beloved Big Mac Combo.  I guess that makes me an IT geek by de facto.

I was queuing up the other day, in the slowest queue as always, and some spotty dude approached me asking me for my order.  In his hands was possibly the worlds largest PDA, enclosed in what can only be described as “under water diving gear”.

I gave him my order, he tapped a million buttons with his marker pen sizes stylus, and he then gave me a post it note with an illegibly marked number on it!

“Wow!”,  I thought.  “Clever system.”

Wasn’t sure what the hell I was meant to do.

Stood in the queue.  McServant says, “Can I help you please?”.  I shoved the post it note in his face, and then after 30 seconds of farting around he repeated my order and told me to hand over the money.  Whatever.
Then, and only then, did my order started being processed.

I reckon that by the end of all the farting around, this took longer than a normal order.  Bizarre.  Utterly bizarre.  And I’d like to think I’m up to speed with technology.

Am I the only one that thinks this, or is this just McWrong?


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