I want it ALL. I want ONE.

November 11, 2006

I lurve gadgets. I’m infamous for it. And my bank balance worse off for it! But I’m always looking to rationalise.

Here’s what I use, and why I have it:

Canon Powershot A620

I wanted a good digital camera that gave some level of control close to a digital SLR, but without the bulk. I also wanted a really good zoom and this gizmo had 4x optical. I still find it astounding that manufacturers still blab on about the “digital zoom”. Someone needs shooting over that one. It’s a great camera, but a bit too bulky to just have in the back pocket. Great piccies though.

Palm Lifedrive

I used to have a Tungsten T3, and to be honest, I wish I’d kept it. The 4G storage on the Lifedrive is good, but with rapidly diminishing cost of SD memory, I could have bought 2x2GB SD cards for much less. The Lifedrive looks and feels great though, but again a bit too bulky. My biggest bugbear with it is that its operating system is (still) quite flaky, and when you have a failure it literally takes 5 minutes to soft reset the device!

Sony PSP

Ultimate portable media device. I say media because it’s a quality MP3 player, it’s a quality video player, and it’s a quality gaming machine. Throw in internet browsing and you have a very nice device indeed. Too nice for the standard back pocket treatment however, and Sony need to start releasing more material for download.

HTC Apache

Obviously this is my phone, but most of you are likely wondering why this one. Three reasons: a) EVDO/CDMA mobile broadband, b) Windows Mobile 5 and Exchange 2003 Push Email, c) good foldout keyboard. As a phone, this device really sucks and when you’re texting you look a bit of knob to be honest. The camera is pretty naff as well – I’m still yet to see a good cameraphone. But all in all, as a single device, it fulfills many of my needs. Our corporate email is Exchange and this is a big factor. If, say, we only used gmail then I’d be really looking to change. The other major limiting factor here is the extortionate mobile broadband fees – $20 (yes, $20) for 10MB (yes MB) per month. Kinda limits you to the really small stuff, and not very often at that.

Where Next?

The PSP and the Canon A620 are here to stay.   If we didn’t have Exchange at work I’d be looking at a Palm Treo 700P, but you can’t get these in NZ, and if I got one shipped in who knows if Telecom would play ball.

Probably not.


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