Broadband is not a work perk, it’s a must

November 15, 2006

BeancounterI am still absolutely astounded at some of the needless penny pinching that goes on in business.

Take broadband, for example.  Our company provides all it’s IT staff with broadband access from home.  It costs us about $50 per user per month (if new staff already have broadband, we subsidise their traffic).   Some people I talk to are astounded by this!!

Here’s what the company gets out of me for their monthly investment of $50:

  • at least an additional 15 minutes work per day (processing email each morning and evening), tallying to a whopping 4 hours extra work from me per month
  • continually tested DR procedures,  as I’m continually in touch with the office
  • a better informed IT staff member, as a nice fast connection makes getting the IT know-how so much easier
  • a happier (and hence more productive) IT staff member, because I know the company look after me and trust me not to abuse the privilege
  • an even happier (and yes, even more productive) IT staff member, because I know I can be a little more flexible as I can work from home
  • a connected IT team at all times, we’re online all the time.  One big support network.

Worth more than $50, yup?

It’s a must.  Give your staff the tools they need and don’t worry about the pennies.

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