Lonely Planet To Go

November 19, 2006

LP londonWhilst browsing the local gaming store with an old colleague I came across these PSP Lonely Planet Guides.

Aside from the hefty price tag, and not withstanding the fact that a PSP wielding tourist in the East End of London would last no longer than a bowl of fries amongst drunken men, it initially appears to be a really fantastic way to find out about a new place.

Combine this with online updates (PSP has WiFi), well hyperlinked content, and that the PSP is a perfect travel companion  (music, video, gaming, wifi) and you have an even more compelling proposition…..

…Until you get to the content itself.  It looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful.  But there’s just not enough.  There’s three (yes, THREE!) audio clips in the whole package.  But wait.  There’s a whopping four (read FOUR!) pubs listed.

There’s a lesson here.

Your presentation, branding and usability can be brilliant,  but if your content is crap it’s not worth Jack Schitt.

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