Turning Failure Into Success

November 28, 2006

We had an instance at work where we kinda screwed up. It wasn’t a major. Just a small breakdown in procedure.


Our customer was soon emailing asking what the hell went wrong and what we were gonna do it fix it. To which we promptly responded.


We were 100% honest with him, we owned up, and we told him about the small number of easy changes that we will implement (from both a technical and procedural perspective) to prevent this happening in future.


Outcome 1: Customer appreciated the timely response and the honesty. Customer was very happy with the service.


Outcome 2: We now have a more robust service.


Negative turned Positive.


It doesn’t pay to play smoke and mirrors. Own up, fix the change, get on with it. Don’t play the blame game.


Mistakes are bad, learning from them is brilliant.

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