Any good bank robbers out there?

December 12, 2006

Italian JobI was watching the Italian Job (the new version) last night.  By the way, it’s not a patch on the old one.  But there is a scene in there where they are planning the big heist with ultimate precision and timing.

Every member of the team knew their job, every member of the team in the right job, every conceivable outcome had been pre-thought, every detail of timing covered.  Repeated.  Then repeated.  And repeated again.  Practice until perfection is achieved.

To me, this underpins the success of a good operational team.  Everybody knows their role.  Everybody is good in their field.  Operational procedures are drilled home (no 1000 page ops manuals here).  Eventualities are played out.  They are ready.  They are prepared.  They are one step ahead of the game.  They work together.

Yes, there’s always one clever dick who thinks that he can do it better, but a good team will always do better than the individual.

Does anyone have Charlie’s email address? Or know any good bank robbers?

One Response to “Any good bank robbers out there?”

  1. abr3 Says:


    It is very true that “a good team will always do better than an individual” but the Team members should be FINE….

    Just a food for thought if you enjoyed the movie The Italian Job do check out the movie(s) “Oceans Eleven & Oceans Tweleve”

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