Ninety Days with a Mac

January 8, 2007

It’s now been ninety days since I bought my shiny new iMac. 

iMacHowever, I’m relegated to the sofa using the old cruddy NEC laptop we’ve had for years.  The missus comandeers the Mac in the evening.  It’s hers.

When I first got the iMac, I was trembling with eager anticipation.  I had toyed with Macs before and had wet myself over the demos that the ‘Mac’ites at Weta Digital were giving me.  But to be honest, my first impressions were slightly disappointing.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was kind of just another PC.

Or so I thought.

For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, our iMac has become part of the furniture.  My wife and I don’t see it as a computer.  It’s now almost a lifestyle thing.  You don’t notice you’re using a computer.  It’s just so easy to use.  Typing this blog entry on my laptop feels like I’m on one of those manual typewriters.  It’s just not as much fun.  I can’t pinpoint it 100%, but using a Mac just “feels” better.  And that counts for a lot in the subconscience.

It comes with a warning though – you will fight over who gets the use the Mac. 

On the plus side, the missus knows what to get me for my birthday – a MacBook Pro!!

2 Responses to “Ninety Days with a Mac”

  1. Hayden Vink Says:

    My wife was sceptical about my claim that we ‘needed’ a new computer . . but within a few minutes of plugging in the iMac she discovered PhotoBooth, and all her scepticism disappeared! I now tell people that Photo Booth alone is worth the price of the iMac . . hehehe

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