All Tendered Out!

February 5, 2007

Oh Boy!  I’m all tendered out. 

Trust me, I am working on the Mother of all tender responses.  I have had no Christmas.  I have had bugger all time with my family.  I have not enjoyed any of this fine weather we are (finally) experiencing.  I am anaemic.  I am tired. 

There has to be a better way…

When you buy a new car, do you read what would be the equivalent of “tender response material”.  Probably not.

You have a good idea as to what car you want, you ask around for recommendations, and you might even go and see some showrooms for what else is out there – just to ensure you’re not missing out on something.

Then you take the car for a test drive, you get peoples reviews, you ask your mates.  You ask around to find out how easy it is to get the car serviced.  Do the dudes at the garage give you good service?  Is it cost effective?

The point I am really trying to make here is that there is nothing better than an interactive approach.  Don’t get everyone to waste months of time writing blurb that you probably won’t read in detail.  Go for a lightweight RFI, then whittle down to a select few, and talk talk talk talk.   It’s not just whether anybody’s solution is any good or not.  It’s what they are like to work with.

The process I am following at present is solid as a rock, don’t get me wrong.  And the guys are doing a great job running such a tight process.  It just it seems like a lot of it is unneccessary when a good chat around a table and a live demo would probably achieve a lot of the same effect.

I know that procurement has been done this way since before I was born, but it can be so much better.

Oh so much better.

Ask my wife.


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