Keeping your iPod yours

February 17, 2007

A colleague and I were talking about our shiny new(ish) iPods the other day. We got onto the subject of DRM, and copying music in general.
Both of us discovered that we had almost no copied music on our iPods!

Now it’s really easy to copy the whole of your friends music library and add another 10,000 songs to your iPod collection. But “collection” is the operative word here.  Yes, it’s free (albeit theft), but it is simply not part of your collection.

I currently have 4454 songs in my personal collection, and when popping my iPod on shuffle, I can recognise each and every song.  That’s because its my music, my taste, my collection.  And one which is valuable to me because I’ve forked out countless money for it over the years.  I enjoy it more, too.

I think that’s why my colleague and I have almost no copied music on our iPods.  I’d stick my neck out here and go as far as saying that all true music lovers are the same.

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