Teqlo. Mashups with no code?

February 19, 2007


Ok, so Teqlo is now in open beta.  It’s a “make-a-mashup” platform requiring no coding whatsoever.

It’s a really neat concept, but I can’t help thinking it’s like those “make your own computer game” programs that came out all those years ago for the Vic 20, Commodore 64 and Amiga (Yes, I was a Commodore FanBoy!).  Fun, but you couldn’t really build that killer game.

I found Teqlo way too geeky – it’s even more geeky than Yahoo Pipes, which is beginning to grow on me (and that I still find buggy).    In addition, the widgets on offer still appear to be the usual suspects – eBay, Google Maps, etc.  Just like with Yahoo Pipes, you are still largely restricted by the content and APIs on offer.

It’s a great start though, but a way to go yet.

Hopefully, more and more enterprises will start opening up their data through RSS and other APIs.   That’ll be fun then.

2 Responses to “Teqlo. Mashups with no code?”

  1. Teqlo A Mashup Platform For Non-coders?

    Are you mashup dreaming but don’t know how to write code? Are you thinking about how you would like to blend a Google Map with an eBay search and plot the auctions dates on a calendar? If you answered yes

  2. Jeff Nolan Says:

    Thanks for the post about us. Yes, way too geeky and the number of widgets are pretty limited right now. These are two of the three focus areas we are drilling into, improving usability across the entire spectrum of usage and increasing the size of the widget catalog. You will see the results of these efforts in the weeks ahead.

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