Sticking Two Fingers to the Macbook

February 20, 2007

macbookAnother day. Another toy.

My wonderful wife loves our her iMac so much I never get a chance to use it. So I took another plunge and bought myself a shiny white Macbook. No fighting now!

I distinctly remember when I first bought our iMac that I wondered where the “right click” was on the buttonless mouse. Eventually, you work out that the mighty mouse actually does have two buttons (and some more for good measure).

So faced with my new Macbook, I had to work out how the hell to do a “right click” on the touchpad. I knew Apple would have a sensible solution to this, and did not want to cheat by looking it up on the help or the internet. But, as usual, the solution was breathtakingly simple.

Here’s how you do a right click: place two fingers on the touchpad, and click.

Here’s how you scroll: place two fingers on the touchpad, and drag them.

Bloody brilliant – it makes you laugh out loud.

And this two finger thing, it’s just a taste of things to come with the mega-patented multitouch technology we’re gonna see in the iPhone.

Signing off, with two jubilant fingers,

Unashamed Mac Fanboy

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