Web Two Point Xero

February 21, 2007

Rumour on the street is that Xero aren’t far off a formal launch.  I hope that it will be a great showpiece as to what Kiwi’s can bring to the world.

Xero is a SaaS accounting application.  Except you know it’s going to be more than that.  You know you’re gonna get something a little special when Rod is involved.   Sure, you can get other accounting SaaS apps, but none of them are really “Web2.0” and harness the collective intelligence held within these systems.  You know what will be in an accounting SaaS application.  But what will be in an accounting web2.0 application?

Imagine what you could do:

  • benchmark your costs against other similar companies
  • share cost saving tips
  • share tax saving tips
  • share corporate goals and tips towards achieving those goals
  • collective buying
  • social tagging
  • cross payment between customers

I’m really excited to see what Xero will bring.  There’s not many web 2.0 apps out there that have penetrated the enterprise – but times are a’ changing.

Let this be the first wave of many.

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