Blogging. Is it worth it?

March 5, 2007

This is post number 54 on the Up North Down South blog.  It’s been going for almost six months.

So is it worth it?  Well, yes.

I’ll be honest, I don’t get gazillions of readers, but I know I have a few – which is better than none.  Thanks all of you for reading – your time is very much appreciated.

The missus and I also run a blog for our family which we’ve been running since mid 2003 but we get far fewer visits on that – I found that surprising.

Here’s my thoughts on why you should blog:

  • It’s a brilliant way of collecting your thoughts.  I spend a lot of time going back over old posts (often thinking “what the hell was I on?”)
  • It provides a good record of your favourite bookmarks, and the blog text usually tells you why you like them!
  • It feels good to contribute and share.   If you’ve done something good, or have a tip to share, then why not.  The world will be a better place.
  • It improves your writing.  The more you do it, the better you get (at least it feels that way!)
  • Sometimes it’s just good to get things off your chest.
  • For your family, a blog makes a brilliant online “scrapbook”.  A blog is so much more than just a photo album.   The missus is now Chez Lee’s chief blogger.

If you haven’t already tried blogging then I’d thoroughly recommend you give it a shot.  Both Blogger and WordPress are good starting points.

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