Quicksilver = Godsend

March 23, 2007

quickMac freaks out there will know all about Quicksilver.

When I first got my Mac all those many months ago I wondered where the start menu was.  Macs don’t really do this.   To run programs I used to open a finder window (from the doc), select go|applications, and then select an app.

“What a pain in the arse!”, I thought.

Then I quickly discovered Spotlight.  Type the app name into the top right hand corner of the screen, and hey presto, a link to the app pops up.  Pretty good I thought.

Then I found Quicksilver.

Start Menus no more.  Finder windows no more.  Apps (hardly any more).

You see, in Quicksilver, with a number of keyboard spaces you can open apps or files, do stuff with them, then do more stuff with them.  Without having to open the app itself, and without having to touch the mouse.

Here’s a couple of quick examples:

  • [ctrl-space | cyb | return ] – opens my cyberduck FTP utility
  • [ctrl-space | mum | ema | return] – opens up an email addressed to Mum!
  • [ctrl-space | pp ] – plays and pauses iTunes.

And it learns your most popular commands!

Once you get your head around this it is brilliant.

Anyone know of a windows equivalent (for work!)?

4 Responses to “Quicksilver = Godsend”

  1. Anton Says:

    Here’s Windows thing I stumbled across recently that sorta does the same stuff:


    Note: I haven’t actually used it though – or even plan to 🙂

  2. Dan Says:

    Cheers Anton. Yes – I’ve tried that. It’s not too bad, but not a patch on Quicksilver. Still – removes the need for my start menu!

  3. Hi Dan,

    I tried the Enso thing but found it quite limited and find Colibri is better (http://colibri.leetspeak.org/whatsnew/).

    I really wanted to use Google Desktop (despite my belief Google is simply a front for the NSA) as the Windows search is so painful but it caused Outlook to crash when emailing so that was a non starter.

    I am now giving Launchy (http://www.launchy.net/#introduction)a try as compared to Colibri it seems to have a greater ability to work with files rather than being more application focused.

  4. […] Rocks.  I’ve mentioned this before, but Quicksilver truly adds a productive edge to finding, launching and processing common files and […]

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