Why I’m Shelving Newsfire

March 26, 2007

I love Newsfire.   Arguably it is the sexiest and most pleasant way to read your RSS feeds.

But I’m putting it on hold.  Our household has two macs, I have a work PC, and I have a home PC.  Oh – and I have a HTC Apache in the back pocket for feed reading on the bus.  Quite simply, maintaining a consistent state of what feeds I have read and not read is just too difficult.  So it’s back to Google Reader for now.

A lot of people are going on about how important it will be for web apps to be offline enabled.   My problem is similar to this, but I need a desktop app to be more “online enabled”!  Imagine, if Newsfire (and your other desktop apps) could maintain state between other desktops and web apps.

I’m sure we’re gonna see this real soon.

One Response to “Why I’m Shelving Newsfire”

  1. Hayden Says:

    The sync feature of NetNewsWire does the trick for me 🙂

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