It’s what YouDo with IT that counts…

April 1, 2007

Well, after years of talking about it, I’ve finally set up my own IT business with two trusted colleagues.

So here I am, introducing YouDo.  We officially open for business tomorrow morning, and already have an awesome contract in the bag.


We’re all about bringing a straight up, common sense approach to delivering internet solutions that empower their users.  Technology should not get in the way.  It should enable.

We’re not a web design/UI shop.  We’re not a standard IT development shop.  We’re the bridge between the two.  We are a crowd that will deliver robust, simple-to-use, and productive experiences to end users of a complex business processes.   We’ll make the hard things easy.

We also have a couple of products in the pipeline that we’re pretty excited about (more to come later on this).  Product development brings a different set of exciting challenges, and hopefully the product and services sides can strengthen each other.

Hopefully we can maintain a good balance between services and product.  As with many startups, we’ll be bootstrapping our way through for the first wee while.  We’ve all got wife and kiddies to feed so cash truly rules.  I never realised how much you are wrapped in cotton wool when you are an employee.

We’ll aim to get our site up and running over the next month.
It’s the start of a new journey for me and the guys, but we’re pursuing our dreams and passions.

You only live once…

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