BYO Web Applications

April 3, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I posted about Teqlo, a drag and drop mashup maker.

Today, I stumbled across CogHead.  It seems to be a very similar deal.  The key difference is that Coghead appear to be more focussed on web apps as opposed to mashups.  Maybe they will end up being the same!

There are a lot of really simple web apps out there (as opposed to the simple-to-use web apps that actually do something useful).

Can the likes of Teqlo and Coghead stimulate the community to build web apps to replace these simple apps?  How good can these Teqlo and Coghead apps become?  How customisable are these apps?   At what point in complexity do you have to throw it away and truly build your own?

I suspect that these drag and drop app makers, combined with the likes of Yahoo Pipes, are just scratching the surface of community built applications.

Fun times.

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