Three, Two, One, Xero

April 3, 2007

Welcome to Xero

Xero went live publicly today.   Sort of.  It’s a limited public release, and unfortunately I’m too late getting myself an account (and I never made it to the beta list).  So you’ll have to wait as well!  I suppose it’s better to get it right first off, as opposed to having egg on your face.

I’m itching to get my hands on this.   A couple of colleagues and I have just set up our own business, and now that bills have to be paid we’re screaming for a good accounting package.  Cashflow is super-critical for us at the moment. Our accountant is based out of Lower Hutt, so the distance is a potential issue for us as well.  Being able to share our financial data in real time with him will be a real bonus.

The pricing seems very fair and reasonable, too. NZ$50pm for a two user package, NZ$100pm for an unlimited package.  I’ve seen web apps that do twice as less for twice the cost.

Without having used it yet (sigh), it looks a real shining example of web2.0 “goodness” at it’s very best.  Rod had assembled an awesome crew, and I hope Xero really goes places.

Okay, I’d better get back to my Excel spreadsheet!



3 Responses to “Three, Two, One, Xero”

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  2. benkepes Says:

    I don’t know dude – there are plenty of open source packages out there or use MYOB in the interim – I’m just not sure if xero is up to it yet. I’ve been playing a little with Beta but won’t be committing at this stage. Hope the new business goes well – remember to work both on, and in, the business!

  3. […] heard about Xero, and I had been lucky enough to have been given a sneek preview by Rod. After a bit of blogging I was lucky enough to be given a beta customer […]

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