A fool with a tool is still a fool

April 10, 2007

I was giving a presentation the other day about ITIL, and our experiences with adopting the framework.

I see many companies nowadays who think that you can just buy the ITIL books and adopt the processes verbatim.   “Good bloody luck”, is all I can say.  A sure fire way to shaft yourselves.

The whole ITIL methodology needs to be baked in to everything that you do.  It needs to become culture.  It needs buy-in.  From everybody.  And the only way that you can achieve that is through taking the parts of ITIL that are most relevant to your business,  modify them to best suit your needs, socialise, and demonstrate that it truly will help.  This process takes time, and lot of going backwards and forwards to get it right.    The process changes too.  It can always be improved.

Thinking about ITIL?  I’d recommend you start small, get runs on the board, and build from there.  Get real.

ITIL should help you, not hinder you.  Just buying a tool won’t cut the mustard.  You’ve gotta live it.

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