Does it Joostify the hype?

April 16, 2007

Joost I got an invite to Joost today, and had to say that I was pretty excited.  There’s been a bit of
buzz around lately so I was keen on giving it a test drive.

The interface is fantastic, more akin to something on the PS3 or the XBOX360 as opposed to something you’d expect on the web.

Setup is easy.  Finding content is easy.   You can definately understand why some people are wetting their pants over this one.

However, I had two major gripes, which means for me that the jury is still out.

  • Too slowwwwwwwww.   I’ve tried it on my iMac.  I’ve tried it on my Macbook.  It just feels a little bit too clunky.  Not only did I find the interface sluggish, I found that my broadband connection was not fast enough (I’m supposedly on a 2MB download speed). 
  • Crap content.  I don’t care if you have the worlds biggest plasma TV on your wall with the highest resolution and the best surround sound.  If all you can watch is the Guinness Book of Friggin’ Records then it just ain’t gonna cut the mustard.   I have enough crap TV through my cable.  Why would I want more?

I think once the broadband speeds sort themselves out, and good content gets itself onto Joost (or any other on demand IPTV initiative) then we’ll see some real traction.

Until then, it’s just a geek toy as far as I’m concerned.  Albeit, a very nice looking geek toy.

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