Wellington’s Best Cafes and Bars

May 14, 2007

CoffeeDoing business over coffee is one of Wellington’s great perks.  I shudder to think about my annual expenditure on the beautiful black stuff.   Somehow, the cafe atmosphere breaks down those barriers and just lets you get on with, well…  business.  Judging by how busy all the cafes are, I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

Here are some of my favourite joints:

  • Espresso Republic – My local.  Great coffee (Mojo), great food, but avoid the 10am rush!  It’s not called ER for nothing!
  • BNZ Mojo – consistently good coffee, at the foot of the old BNZ tower
  • Magnetix – if it’s a nice day, grab a takeaway and sit on the grass in Midland Park
  • Leuven – coffee and their six dollar breakfast is a real goodie

and if you’re feeling like a cool afternoon beer then my perennial favourites are:

2 Responses to “Wellington’s Best Cafes and Bars”

  1. Nic Wise Says:

    I suggest you try Tamarillo on Wakefield St (over the road from the town hall / info center, at the Victoria St end)


    That was my local when I was in Welli (like, 3 weeks ago 🙂 ). Midnight Espresso is ment to be good. Rise on the Terrace is good, with very good food…..

    Pity we can’t import good coffee into the US. It’s all crap here.

  2. benkepes Says:

    For those of you in Christchurch (or wishing to mail order) check out C4 Coffee, the offspring of C1 Espresso as set up by a bunch of ex-Wellington lads way back in 1996.


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