Big Thumbs Up to Webstock!

June 20, 2007


Big thanks to the dudes over at Webstock for putting on another great Webstock Mini last night.

It’s fantastic, and so refreshing, to see such a bunch of passionate web professionals really having a good time – truly loving what they are doing. If only more “business” was approached with such vigour and energy. If there is anyone out there that loves the internet then make sure you get yourself along to the next webstock events that are scheduled for October and February.

The victorious Phil and MiramarMike both have coverage on their respective blogs.

When the video recordings are made available on the Webstock recordings section I promise you that you’ll die laughing when you see Mike Brown’s presentation. Pure quality. I won’t spoil it for you.

2 Responses to “Big Thumbs Up to Webstock!”

  1. Thanks for the link – looking forward to the next one already, see you there

  2. […] By all accounts, it went down quite well. Big sugar-coated thanks to the awesome Koz for his RoR workshop; our super soiree speakers Leigh Blackall and Robert O’Callahan; the great debaters Philip, Brenda and Che, Mark, Sandy and Mike and moderator with the mostest Rowan. Big ups to all of you! Meeting Leigh (and Sunshine) and Rob were big highlights for me after all the emails, anticipation and what have you.  I’m pretty dang lucky to be involved in something that allows me to meet such incredibly talented and inspiring folks. It’s also rather cool to see some of the fab people from the Wellington web industry together in one room. […]

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