Down South Up North!!

July 8, 2007

Phew!!  It’s been a really hectic couple of weeks.  That’s kinda why I’ve been in the dark.

We’ve been working on a decent sized project for a customer, that’s due for a “beta” launch sometime in the next week.   This project has really opened up my eyes to how a “design led approach” can really result in a top quality output – and in quite a small timeframe.   It certainly makes for an entertaining and motivating experience.  Where you can do it, do it.
Anyways, it’s time for the Lancashire Lad to return home for a month, on the obligatory two yearly trip back home.  We’ve taken the approach that we’re gonna be tourists this time around – so it’ll make a refreshing approach to the usual Whanau tour that leaves you feeling like you need another months holiday.

Cheers for now.


One Response to “Down South Up North!!”

  1. benkepes Says:

    ahhh work life balance is a glorious thing!

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