Fish and Chip and Pin

July 21, 2007

ChipNPinIt’s been almost four years since I last visited the UK.

When I was last there I laughed at how they didn’t have eftpos!  It’s me that is now in dark ages.  For “Chip N Pin” is now the way here in the UK.  Pretty much, every card now has an embedded chip, which obviously stores data about the card, and it’s PIN number.  Yes, the UK now has eftpos.

The problem now is that if you don’t have a chip n pin card (i.e. you have a normal NZ credit card) it’s really really painful to pay.

I went to a major UK superstore this morning and tried to pay with my credit card.  It kinda went like this:

“Oh!  I’ll have to see my supervisor about that card as it’s an old card.”

“Supervisor to checkout A, please.”

“Erm, does anyone know where the manual thingy is?”

“Anyone got a pen?”

It was about 5 minutes before I could pay.

I’m dreading any more purchases.

2 Responses to “Fish and Chip and Pin”

  1. benkepes Says:

    cutting edge down here – they only introduced electricity a year or two back. and the wireless is still a new addition…..

  2. ChchDan Says:

    I did find it odd when I got my UK bank account that the supporting documentation came with a booklet about this revolutionary security measure called a PIN. Also odd at places like the Walkabout Pubs which don’t have PIN readers so you sign for debit transactions.

    Fortunately I haven’t had any problems using my NZ credit card at ATM machines to get cash advances.

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