Comfortable Surroundings…

August 7, 2007

CurryThe picture of me on the right is me eating my first UK curry for over three and a half years.

My usual order in Wellington is a chicken vindaloo, which I can quite easily handle.  So I thought I’d play it safe and go for a chicken madras, as I knew that UK curries (the national dish!) are a bit hotter.

The moral of the story – don’t get too comfortable with your surroundings – or you may get left behind.

Yes, the curries are hotter than I remembered.  But the UK has changed a bit since I was last here.

  • The UK banks are now all Chip and Pin, and my NZ credit card seems archaeic.
  • UK houses have to recycle things into five different bins, and if they don’t do it properly they get fined eighty quid!  Yes, eighty quid.
  • Broadband is in your face, everywhere.   The range of mobile phones and plans is incredible.  Competition is good.  And it makes the prices far more attractive.
  • The SatNav/TomTom things are everywhere – but then again you need them here.
  • Speed cameras.  Like an infectious disease (erm.. foot and mouth, anyone!!).  They are EVERYWHERE.  And they have the differential ones that you simply can not cheat. 😦
  • The trains have finally all been upgraded – and they’re pretty sexy – as long as you’re travelling off-peak.

Only three more days here before I head off “home”.

I’m gagging for a decent coffee.


One Response to “Comfortable Surroundings…”

  1. The Dawes Says:

    Well that picture was well funny! You big girl! I LOVE the UK madras, over here ‘kiwi hot’ is a joke!

    You should be in an aeroplane somewhere now so drop us a line when you get back, it will be great to catch up!!

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