Feeling Phoney

September 7, 2007

PSPMy iPod earphones gave up the ghost the other day, and I could stand the crap sound no more.

So imagine my surprise when I plugged in my Sony PSP earphones and was treated to a super rich sound that I’d never experienced with the Apple earphones.  I wonder who makes the PSP earphones.

The only issue is that the length of the PSP earphones doesn’t even stretch to the iPod in the pocket scenario.  I’m not that tall!

Can anyone out there recommend a good pair of in-the-ear earphones that won’t cost me an arm and a leg?  I’ve heard that the Phitek stuff is pretty spectacular, but needs a triple armoured credit card!!

One Response to “Feeling Phoney”

  1. Jay Says:

    Sennheiser are my favourites but I’ve got some decent Sonys that were quite cheap

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