Lamb Chopped!

September 17, 2007

WoolworthsHaving two little children, you really learn to appreciate the benefits of supermarket internet shopping.  No waiting in checkout queues, no cleaning up after your loved ones destroy each aisle, no whinging for chocolate and sweeties (not that my little cherubs ever get up to that kind of mischief!!).  Gotta love it.   Sure, internet shopping is pain in the arse to get up and running to begin with (this is an issue in itself), but once you have your “base shop” in place, it’s relative plain sailing from there on in.

Or so I thought…

I ordered a shop the other day, and fancied a bit of lamb.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I got home to find a shelf and a half of my fridge fully dedicated to lamb!  Yes, I’d accidentally ordered 80 lamb cutlets instead of 10.  I’d ordered 8 x 10 pack of cutlets instead of what I thought was 8 lamb cutlets…  Doh!
Okay, so I’m a stupid oaf, but you would have thought that they would have put in place some checks to make sure that daft people like me don’t order silly things.  That’s not a difficult thing to do.  You know, just a simple “are really sure you want 80 lamb cutlets?” would suffice.   80 lamb cutlets is not “normal behaviour” is it?

This is not the first time (proving once again my oafness).  In the past, I’ve accidentally ordered 20 cigarette lighters!!  Yes, twenty!!  Don’t ask me how.  It just happened.

There must be a better online grocery experience…..

Lamb cutlets?  Lighters?  Barbeque round at my place anyone?

6 Responses to “Lamb Chopped!”

  1. rowan Says:

    I think this is probably more common than you’d expect. The problem is that people feel so silly when they do something like this they don’t complain/say something.

    We have a cupboard full of Lynx and another cupboard full of Weetbix, for the same reason.

    I agree with you – this is something that Woolworths should be able to limit. In the very least they could call to check.

  2. Falafulu Fisi Says:

    80 lamb cutlets is not “normal behaviour” is it?

    That’s true, the behaviour abnormal (anomaly behavior). The way to solve that is to develop pattern recognition data-mining techniques (algorithms) into their app, which definitely detects such anomaly behavior.

    The financial industry (banking & insurance) are already using such techniques to automate the alerting of potential fraudulent transactions, because fraud is an anomaly behavior. Again those same techniques are also used in computer security network intrusion detection , since most intruders or hackers do deviate of how they try to penetrate a network by executing a sequence of actions that are abnormal from those that are legitimately get access to the network.

  3. Martha Craig Says:

    They have called me a couple of times to check things like this. Embarrassingly, we DID want 4kgs of bananas.

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  5. Mike Dawes Says:

    Fire it up, see you Sunday!

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