iWork with iWork

September 27, 2007


Wow! It’s been almost one year since I switched from Windows to Mac.

One of the things you soon learn is that, if you play in the corporate space, you need Microsoft Office.    Quite simply without it you’ll just have headache after headache with formatting incompatibilies,  and the like.  Whilst I admire Open Office and NeoOffice (and I also like the likes of Google Docs & Spreadsheets) they simply can’t handle the “corporate” word document.  Especially if you’re having to deal with richly formatted documents.    I’ve found NeoOffice and OpenOffice slow and buggy as well.  Just not a good experience all up.

I’ve also held off purchasing Office for Mac, since it’s so unclear as to what Microsoft’s plans are with regard to this product.  So at present it’s Parallels desktop with a Windows XP virtual machine for the sole purpose of servicing MSOffice  (given I had a licensesalready!).  Parallels coherence mode simply rocks.

I’ve recently been trialling iWork08, and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been working with a whole range of quite complex word, excel and powerpoint documents that have translated almost seamlessly – certainly without any issues that would turn me off the product (unlike NeoOffice and OpenOffice).

Keynote is the dogs b*ll*cks, and iWork08 is worth it just for that.  The presentations you can create are simply mindblowing – assuming you don’t adopt the death by powerpoint approach.

Numbers is okay – but omits one essential feature I use ALL the time in Excel – “freeze panes”.  WTF?

Pages is pretty good, and is a nice and pleasant alternative to word.  It feels nicer, and the commenting and track changes is mindblowing clear and simple.  Kinda what you would expect from Apple.

And then there is the price.  NZ109 for a single license, or NZ$138 for a family pack which I can install on my ever growing family of Macs.

Cheap as chips.

I’d urge you to at least try it.   Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve gotta try iLife08 next…

2 Responses to “iWork with iWork”

  1. Jay Says:

    I just got me a 24″ new iMac. it rocks. But I am also still reliant on M$. Just wondered how you get on with Parallels and whether you tried VMWare as well??

  2. Dan Says:

    I’m happy with both Parallels and VMware. Given I only want to fire up a Windows VM on an “as needed” basis, and given that Parallels coherence mode is so damn good, I opted for that.

    Jealous on the 24″ iMac.

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