So, Leopard is not perfect.  Shock!  Horror!
Whilst the highly amusing blue screen of death debate continues, I’ve stumbled across a few, but annoying issues:

  • Automator “rename finder items” does not work for “make sequential”.  Nooo!  My workflows are broken.
  • Basecamp plays funny tricks with select boxes in Firefox only!!  Bizarre.  It’s now much harder to delegate to-dos!!  (OK, but I’ve switched to Safari now)
  • I lose my dock every now and again, particularly when my machine is working hard.  I just relaunch finder and it fixes itself (akin to the restarting the explorer process in windows)

I guess nothing’s perfect.  Still, it’s a good worthwhile upgrade.

Spaces is also an interesting one.  I thought I’d get a lot of use out of it, but as I have a two screen set up I really don’t use it.  I set it up the first few days, but if you have sufficient real estate, I really find it adds minimal value.   In fact, with all the alt-tabbing (or command-tabbing in MacOS speak) I was getting a bit disoriented with all the screens whizzing around!  I’m sure there are some GTD gurus out there that can tell me how to organise things better.

The Leopard Roars

October 28, 2007

Its HereI wasn’t quite as fast off the mark as other Mac fan-boys installing Leopard – but it’s now up and running on my Macs.  No problems at all. Here’s what’s impressed me so far: 

  • The seamless install – I’ll be honest with you in that I’ve never personally performed a hands-on O/S upgrade before (on any platform!) so I was sh*tting myself a little.  It couldn’t have been as painless.  Easy.Safari 3 – I like it so much that I’ve made Safari my default browser.  WeatherLightning fast, and I love the ability to chop a part of a website to show on your dashboard.   Anyone recognise the weather? 
  • Stacks – once you realise you can use this for anything you drag on to the dock – it becomes super useful.  I have a lot of my key folders now on my dock, with most recently modified docs at the bottom.  Brill.
  • Spaces – very nicely implemented.  Very useful on my Macbook, and it’ll be interesting to see how useful it’s gonna be when I gear up at work in full dev mode on a two screen setup.
  • CoverFlow galore!  Yes, all files are now coverflow enabled – real easy to browse through files, and particularly useful for documents
  • Space Bar Preview – everywhere.  Just click on any file, pretty much from anywhere, press the space bar, and see a quick popup preview.  Space bar!  Simple.
  • The new photobooth – the old photobooth was always good to keep the kiddie happy, but with “bluescreening” built in you can now have even more fun – the same effects can be carried forward into iChat.
  • iChat – finally, better GChat support.  I’m still a big fan of Adium, but I’m gonna give iChat a crack for a few days as my default IM client.  When you’re chatting with other iChat dudes, you can apparently share your desktop et al
  • The shelf dock – I thought it was pretty cack at first but, now I’m used to it, I find it adds a lot of depth to the screen.  It’s very subtle, but it’s just somehow better.
  • Automator – it now has the ability to record what you do on your desktop.  Automating repeatable tasks has never been easier.

And that’s just the surface that I have scratched.  There’s over 300 other features that I can also get my grubby hands on.  No incompatibilities detected as yet. Overall impressions?  Cheap as chips for the $299 family pack (5 licenses).  Piece of cake to install.  Very non-intrusive.  Lots of goodies to improve productivity.  More nice eye-candy.   Great stuff.  

Balls. Line. On.

October 22, 2007

I’d previously posted about my experiences in starting up our new business, which is going terrifically well.

I’d mentioned that flexibility kicks ass, and it really does.  But the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing another side.  And it’s one you rarely experience as a corporate “employee”.

We’ve got a couple of important project deadlines in the pipeline, and when you have a vested interest in them (i.e. it IS your business) you kinda treat things a bit differently.   You simply cannot afford to drop the ball.  As a startup business, your balls are well and truly on the line.  So we’ve been working a few ‘late ones’ to make sure everything goes real smooth.  That’s why I’ve been “dark” for the last couple of weeks.  It’s all progressing really well though, so we’re very confident all will go very well.

Startup businesses are great fun, and immensely rewarding, but remember that they need a lot of bloody hard work and commitment.   But it’s de facto.  Whilst I’m working real hard, I’ve never enjoyed it more.

I’ve had a fantastic Labour weekend with my family – my weekends and public holidays are sacred (and you should never sacrifice your family time),  but first thing tomorrow morning it’s straight back into it.

The coffee shop will be happy to see me.

20% Product, 80% Execution

October 7, 2007

Oh DearThey say you might have the best idea/product in the world, but it’s all about execution. Get that wrong and it’s game over.

The All Blacks found that out the hard way this morning.

(Disclaimer – I follow the team in white)


I need a new mobile phone.   None of the keys on my Telecom Apache no longer work, so I’m reduced to stylus only operations (or highly inaccurate big fat thumb operations).  It sucks.

I had my heart set on an iPhone after Sandy told us all you could get them from Tauranga.  But with Apple playing silly buggers with the new software release breaking the hack, I’ve got reservations.

I’m after the following:

  • a nice slimline profile, so I can carry the phone in one of may pockets without it looking like I’m carrying a brick
  • decent call quality (unlike the Apache)
  • easy access to my gmail (and ideally Outlook)
  • good and bandwidth efficient surfing ability to my GMail, GCal, Google Reader, and BBC pda
  • ability to sync up contacts
  • photos/music are nice, but not essential

Now I know there are a gazillion phones out there that could probably do the job, but I (at present) have my heart set on one of:

As you can see, I like sex!!

If you’ve have any comments or experiences with any of the above, or know a screamingly good cellphone that’d do the trick then please let us know.

I’ll blog with an update as to which road fate leads down.

Calendar Carnage

October 1, 2007

Today was the first day back at work since New Zealand’s new daylight savings regime kicked in.

Around the blogosphere there appears a scene of utter carnage:

Rod’s Blackberry is out of syncWellington Mac Users were in a state disbelief,  and I was one hour early to my first external appointment of the day!

This is clearly not good.

Whilst I took every effort to patch my related systems, there were simply some that had to revert to the good old “wind it forward” technique.  And unless everyone you deal with looked after their side of the bargain it all falls to pieces with regards to calendars.

And then there are the piggy in the middle providers – I have a nagging suspicion that Google Calendar wasn’t aware of the new daylight saving change either.

In other words, my fellow bloggers and readers, we’re totally buggered.

For the next week I’m going back to the trusted dog and bone (telephone) and double confirming all appointments this week.

Better than a big fat egg on your face.   And in a strange kind of way, its kinda nice to talk…