Calendar Carnage

October 1, 2007

Today was the first day back at work since New Zealand’s new daylight savings regime kicked in.

Around the blogosphere there appears a scene of utter carnage:

Rod’s Blackberry is out of syncWellington Mac Users were in a state disbelief,  and I was one hour early to my first external appointment of the day!

This is clearly not good.

Whilst I took every effort to patch my related systems, there were simply some that had to revert to the good old “wind it forward” technique.  And unless everyone you deal with looked after their side of the bargain it all falls to pieces with regards to calendars.

And then there are the piggy in the middle providers – I have a nagging suspicion that Google Calendar wasn’t aware of the new daylight saving change either.

In other words, my fellow bloggers and readers, we’re totally buggered.

For the next week I’m going back to the trusted dog and bone (telephone) and double confirming all appointments this week.

Better than a big fat egg on your face.   And in a strange kind of way, its kinda nice to talk…

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