Decisions Decisions Decisions

October 1, 2007


I need a new mobile phone.   None of the keys on my Telecom Apache no longer work, so I’m reduced to stylus only operations (or highly inaccurate big fat thumb operations).  It sucks.

I had my heart set on an iPhone after Sandy told us all you could get them from Tauranga.  But with Apple playing silly buggers with the new software release breaking the hack, I’ve got reservations.

I’m after the following:

  • a nice slimline profile, so I can carry the phone in one of may pockets without it looking like I’m carrying a brick
  • decent call quality (unlike the Apache)
  • easy access to my gmail (and ideally Outlook)
  • good and bandwidth efficient surfing ability to my GMail, GCal, Google Reader, and BBC pda
  • ability to sync up contacts
  • photos/music are nice, but not essential

Now I know there are a gazillion phones out there that could probably do the job, but I (at present) have my heart set on one of:

As you can see, I like sex!!

If you’ve have any comments or experiences with any of the above, or know a screamingly good cellphone that’d do the trick then please let us know.

I’ll blog with an update as to which road fate leads down.

6 Responses to “Decisions Decisions Decisions”

  1. Nic Wise Says:

    Sure, some think the crackberrys are “sex” (so Rod says), but seriously – the OS and interaction is about the worst of ANY phone out there. The fonts are blocky and hard to read, it’s a great email device, if you must have push, but it’s crap for anything else.

    And I should know crap – I used the first gen windows mobile stuff 😉

    BTW, if you get push email, unless you are quite diciplined, expect your Mrs (if you have one – replace with “significant other”) to want to throw it in a lake quite quickly.

    Go with the iphone, once it comes out. Or get a normal (cheap) phone and a ipod touch 🙂 There is enough wifi around to make it worth while.

  2. If you’re really into the ‘sex’ factor, contemplating a blackberry vs an iphone is like taking a Dell vs MacBook. There is no competition.
    And even if they freeze the hacked phones – someone will rehack and unfreeze them pretty damn fast. Just don’t do software updates until the fix is out!
    iphones really are completely awesome – sexy and great sound quality and wifi internet (massively wonderful) and sexy … 🙂

  3. Dan Says:

    OK, the iPhone seems to be edging infront. As long as Apple can’t break the (hack friendly) firmware 1.0.2. I think it’s as good as a done deal. I just won’t update the firmware (must click “no”, must click “no”).

    I mean, when was the last time anyone updated their firmware on their mobile phone?

  4. Ari Says:

    Just do it Dan, you know you want to, especially now you have fondled one – take that mouse journey to Tauranga!

  5. jayfly Says:

    Did you buy one yet? I spent 15 minutes playing with the iPhone on Saturday, the day after release. There were a lot of interested people. I think it is cool. But I doubt I’ll buy one, mainly for the same reason as everyone else is the same position – network lock in. And on O2 only, which is not the best UK network.

  6. […] finding out the hard way the effort it takes running your own business.  Anyway, after a month of faffing around, I finally decided to opt for a Blackberry Curve.   Being the stingy northern git that I am, it […]

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