20% Product, 80% Execution

October 7, 2007

Oh DearThey say you might have the best idea/product in the world, but it’s all about execution. Get that wrong and it’s game over.

The All Blacks found that out the hard way this morning.

(Disclaimer – I follow the team in white)

3 Responses to “20% Product, 80% Execution”

  1. Execution, my a**. It comes down to luck. Like the luck of having a colour-blind ref, with no short-term memory, who was incapable of seeing pretty much anything dodgy done in the colour blue. 😉

  2. benkepes Says:

    Sour grapes perhaps?

    To (mis)quote the Minister of Finance – “they won, we lost, eat that”

  3. jayfly Says:

    And England in the final, who’d have thought it 🙂

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