The Leopard Roars

October 28, 2007

Its HereI wasn’t quite as fast off the mark as other Mac fan-boys installing Leopard – but it’s now up and running on my Macs.  No problems at all. Here’s what’s impressed me so far: 

  • The seamless install – I’ll be honest with you in that I’ve never personally performed a hands-on O/S upgrade before (on any platform!) so I was sh*tting myself a little.  It couldn’t have been as painless.  Easy.Safari 3 – I like it so much that I’ve made Safari my default browser.  WeatherLightning fast, and I love the ability to chop a part of a website to show on your dashboard.   Anyone recognise the weather? 
  • Stacks – once you realise you can use this for anything you drag on to the dock – it becomes super useful.  I have a lot of my key folders now on my dock, with most recently modified docs at the bottom.  Brill.
  • Spaces – very nicely implemented.  Very useful on my Macbook, and it’ll be interesting to see how useful it’s gonna be when I gear up at work in full dev mode on a two screen setup.
  • CoverFlow galore!  Yes, all files are now coverflow enabled – real easy to browse through files, and particularly useful for documents
  • Space Bar Preview – everywhere.  Just click on any file, pretty much from anywhere, press the space bar, and see a quick popup preview.  Space bar!  Simple.
  • The new photobooth – the old photobooth was always good to keep the kiddie happy, but with “bluescreening” built in you can now have even more fun – the same effects can be carried forward into iChat.
  • iChat – finally, better GChat support.  I’m still a big fan of Adium, but I’m gonna give iChat a crack for a few days as my default IM client.  When you’re chatting with other iChat dudes, you can apparently share your desktop et al
  • The shelf dock – I thought it was pretty cack at first but, now I’m used to it, I find it adds a lot of depth to the screen.  It’s very subtle, but it’s just somehow better.
  • Automator – it now has the ability to record what you do on your desktop.  Automating repeatable tasks has never been easier.

And that’s just the surface that I have scratched.  There’s over 300 other features that I can also get my grubby hands on.  No incompatibilities detected as yet. Overall impressions?  Cheap as chips for the $299 family pack (5 licenses).  Piece of cake to install.  Very non-intrusive.  Lots of goodies to improve productivity.  More nice eye-candy.   Great stuff.  

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