Leopard has a couple of spots

October 31, 2007

So, Leopard is not perfect.  Shock!  Horror!
Whilst the highly amusing blue screen of death debate continues, I’ve stumbled across a few, but annoying issues:

  • Automator “rename finder items” does not work for “make sequential”.  Nooo!  My workflows are broken.
  • Basecamp plays funny tricks with select boxes in Firefox only!!  Bizarre.  It’s now much harder to delegate to-dos!!  (OK, but I’ve switched to Safari now)
  • I lose my dock every now and again, particularly when my machine is working hard.  I just relaunch finder and it fixes itself (akin to the restarting the explorer process in windows)

I guess nothing’s perfect.  Still, it’s a good worthwhile upgrade.

Spaces is also an interesting one.  I thought I’d get a lot of use out of it, but as I have a two screen set up I really don’t use it.  I set it up the first few days, but if you have sufficient real estate, I really find it adds minimal value.   In fact, with all the alt-tabbing (or command-tabbing in MacOS speak) I was getting a bit disoriented with all the screens whizzing around!  I’m sure there are some GTD gurus out there that can tell me how to organise things better.

One Response to “Leopard has a couple of spots”

  1. twayne Says:

    Nothing is perfect, you are right. But something just works a little bit better. For example, I don’t like Basecamp, cause it doesn’t have some very important features. I prefer my project management e-mail integrated and use Wrike http://www.wrike.com

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