Surfing the Bus

November 29, 2007

These Blackberry Curve gadgets are pretty cool. I’m on the bus checking my email, surfing the interweb, seeing where I am (and which way I’m going!). on google maps, and instant messaging using google talk. And blogging too.This IS the mobile internet.(and truck loads worth of GPRS charges!! I’m dreading my first bill – anyone know how you can keep tabs on GPRS usage?)Sent using Blackberry

We Like Curves

November 19, 2007


Howdy Strangers!!It’s been a while, and I’ve been a busy boy, so apologies for the lack of recent posts. I’m finding out the hard way the effort it takes running your own business.   

Anyway, after a month of faffing around, I finally decided to opt for a Blackberry Curve.   Being the stingy northern git that I am, it was the cost that did it for me.   We got a great deal on the Curves (<$500 all up, with Voda providing a very handsome discount), whereas the cost for me to have iPhone lurve would have been well over $1,100 (and that for an unsupported device!)  I was a Telecom customer and they wanted to ping me a whopping $250+ for switching to Voda.  So much for number portability.

Anyway, the Curve is going really well – I was initially very disappointed but am now very impressed.

Here’s why:

  • Push Email.  You fully appreciate why Blackberries are now called Crackberries.  Having true push email from MULTIPLE accounts (i.e. exchange, gmail, yahoo, etc) is awesome.   Care does need to be taken with the missus!!
  • Google Talk.  Yes! Google Talk.  I was on the bus home tonight catching up with one of our developers.  How good is that?
  • Keyboard.  The keys are miniscule but, once you get used to it, you can tap out reasonably lengthy emails in no time at all.
  • Phone!  It’s actually a very good phone.  The sound quality is great.  I was coming from an HTC Apache – and that just suck suck sucked as a phone.
  • Holster Lock.   I’ve set the Curve so that when it goes into the holster it automatically switches to the “silent” profile, and locks the keypad!!  Brilliant.
  • The Feel.  It actually feels like a nice phone.  But I guess anything feels nicer than the Apache!  

Overall I like the device.  It allows me to be always on, and connected to my customers, friends and colleagues.  And the keyboard really does allow you to tap out good responses in no time.

The GPS is total pants, but to be honest I see it as a gimmick at the moment until you start getting some good location based services.    Maps, great!!  But, come on, we live in New Zealand.  You don’t need maps here!!

It’s not as sexy as the iPhone – there’s no doubt about that.  But the sheer amount of work I’ve achieved on the device on my trip home has been quite impressive. It’ll at least keep my technolust at bay until the iPhone makes its official debut here.  Whenever that may be.


Next toy? – the Blackberry Helmet.

AB Choker

Couldn’t resist. This is classic.