Google Blackberry Sync

At last, at last, at last.  No more syncing via cable.  No more missed appointments.  We’re back in the 21st century!  Google Sync for Mobile is finally here. 

Me happy. 


Now that we have our corporate blog (I wouldn’t call ourselves corporate), I’m constantly faced with the dilemma as to where to post.

This blog is about technology, YouDo is about technology.

Hmmm.I’m sure many others face this issue, but here’s how I’m gonna divvy up and differentiate where to post:

  • Topics very specific to YouDo will be posted on the YouDo blog. i.e. Rails, Ruby, Oracle, Agile, Life as a Startup. But we’re keen to avoid the corporate cheese element.
  • More personal things such as opinions, tech observations, commentary, bad taste jokes, postings from the bus, etc, will be posted here. I might post up the odd non tech thing as well (i.e recommendations from my bad taste in music).  

Because my work is so entwined with my day to day life (is it ever anything other for us entrepreneurs) I’m sure there’ll be some crossover or semi-duplication, but if this blog just changes tack slightly then that’s the reason why.

BTW – Barcamp Agile today. Looking forward to it.

Xero goes Mobile

December 4, 2007

Shopping at the supermarket tonight and I realised that Xero have now gone mobile!!

Great branding – really eyecatching.   I particularly like the top of the car!!  Almost looks iPhone’esque’.

XeroCar1 XeroCar2 XeroCar3 XeroCar4