One Year On…

April 8, 2008

Phew!  It’s been one year on since a couple of colleagues and I set up YouDo.

Here’s some thoughts:

  • I’ve never enjoyed work so much in my life
  • I’ve never worked as hard in my life
  • I’ve never found balancing work and life harder in my life
  • Everything you do in your first year of business matters.  You cannot afford to have a bad day
  • You never realise how safe you are as an “employee” until you take a peek from the outside
  • Running a business takes time and effort.  It’s not just all about “doing work for customers”
  • It’s hard to balance product development vs chargeable time.  Be realistic about your goals.
  • SaaS apps are your friend: Basecamp, Campfire, PlanHQ, Xero are but a few…

We must be doing something right!  Our customer base is growing, our profits are healthy, we’ve almost secured some awesome premises, and we’re even hiring!!

Here’s to another successful year!

3 Responses to “One Year On…”

  1. Jay Greasley Says:

    Congratulations (albeit belated) on your first year.
    I have a blog post request, if you have time 😉

    I am looking into moving away from my M$ background but am struggling to decide on RoR, PHP with an mvc framework, staying with or even Java.
    I wonder how you(do) decided on RoR??

  2. Dan Says:

    RoR! There’s not much of a story really. You just get it installed, start using it, and you soon realise that it’s “as it should be”.

    People have concerns about scalability and performance, but unless your web app is gonna make it big time and get bought by Google or Yahoo, then Rails more than suffices.

    We’re loving it, and there’s no turning back.

    But, that said, it’s a hard sell to to “enterprise” customers. We’re working on that.

  3. Jay Greasley Says:

    I have to say scalability and performance were a concern but as you say, unless you aim to be big time, it is not that relevant.

    Enterprise is another matter…good luck with that one 😉

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