Films now on iTunes!

June 5, 2008

iTUnes films!

Wow!  Imagine my excitement this morning when I opened my inbox and Apple told me I could now download films from iTunes.

Kiwis – don’t get too excited.  This was for my iTunes UK account.   Bah!

First impressions?   Well, there’s plenty of films in there to download, but they are priced pretty much the same as DVDs.   Add in the size of the downloads and the cost per GB for traffic on our fantastic broadband, and it weighs in slightly more expensive!  So why would you?   You can even rent movies too, but that again equates to a similar cost as popping down to your local Blockbuster

The saving grace is that there’s a good selection of TV shows, most of which you can download particular episodes.  And kind of like iTunes music, it’s great being able to pick and choose the odd gem you’re after without having to buy the whole boxset/album.

I’ll be buying the odd classic show and maybe the odd series you simply can’t get here.   But for other mainstream stuff I’ll just rent or buy it from the DVD store.

Call me an old fart, but if I like a movie or an album, I’ll go and buy it.  I like something I can touch and feel.  I like the cover.  I can rip it.  It’s not DRMed, and it’s automatically backed up.

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