Xero goes Mobile

December 4, 2007

Shopping at the supermarket tonight and I realised that Xero have now gone mobile!!

Great branding – really eyecatching.   I particularly like the top of the car!!  Almost looks iPhone’esque’.

XeroCar1 XeroCar2 XeroCar3 XeroCar4  

When you fly back to the UK from NZ via San Francisco, the second leg from Frisco to Heathrow is a codeshare flight using Virgin Atlantic.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first Virgin flight. Right from the off, it was clear that Virgin had set out to offer the customer a different flight experience:

  • The boarding call was not your bog-standard – going as far as welcoming children to begin their “flight experience”.
  • The preflight video was actually a cartoon, narrated by the hilarious Vic Reeves. It actually made you sit up and watch it.  The seat pocket safety cards were adorned with the same cartoonage.  Clever.
  • The cabin staff were decked out in what could only be described as very “smart”, “modern”, and almost “tongue-in-cheek” outfits. It really did make a difference!
  • Humourous banter from the flight-deck, tinged with the inimitable British wit.
  • The inflight video screen/entertainment was the most modern I had seen – way better and faster than Air New Zealand. The handset could have passed as a PS3 controller!
  • Just very good, friendly, down to earth service. The cabin crew clearly had a laugh, but knew when to be serious.

In a cut-throat industry like the airline industry, particularly on the transatlantic routes, differentiators like these can make big effects.
Air New Zealand is still my favourite long-haul airline, quite simply because the seat pitch and recline is streets ahead of any other airline on the route.  On Virgin, you were packed in like sardines. But the overall Virgin experience went some way towards relieving that economy class claustrophobia.  A real refreshing change from the usual staid airline service (of which Air New Zealand belong to, but are near the top of the class).

And whilst I’m on the subject of Virgin, but related to something totally different, I thought I’d post a quick ad I saw in the Sunday Times. I find it very refreshing to see no-nonsense advertising like this. Clearly it’s a Branson thing.

I like no nonsense.

Virgin Broadband