Google Blackberry Sync

At last, at last, at last.  No more syncing via cable.  No more missed appointments.  We’re back in the 21st century!  Google Sync for Mobile is finally here. 

Me happy. 

We Like Curves

November 19, 2007


Howdy Strangers!!It’s been a while, and I’ve been a busy boy, so apologies for the lack of recent posts. I’m finding out the hard way the effort it takes running your own business.   

Anyway, after a month of faffing around, I finally decided to opt for a Blackberry Curve.   Being the stingy northern git that I am, it was the cost that did it for me.   We got a great deal on the Curves (<$500 all up, with Voda providing a very handsome discount), whereas the cost for me to have iPhone lurve would have been well over $1,100 (and that for an unsupported device!)  I was a Telecom customer and they wanted to ping me a whopping $250+ for switching to Voda.  So much for number portability.

Anyway, the Curve is going really well – I was initially very disappointed but am now very impressed.

Here’s why:

  • Push Email.  You fully appreciate why Blackberries are now called Crackberries.  Having true push email from MULTIPLE accounts (i.e. exchange, gmail, yahoo, etc) is awesome.   Care does need to be taken with the missus!!
  • Google Talk.  Yes! Google Talk.  I was on the bus home tonight catching up with one of our developers.  How good is that?
  • Keyboard.  The keys are miniscule but, once you get used to it, you can tap out reasonably lengthy emails in no time at all.
  • Phone!  It’s actually a very good phone.  The sound quality is great.  I was coming from an HTC Apache – and that just suck suck sucked as a phone.
  • Holster Lock.   I’ve set the Curve so that when it goes into the holster it automatically switches to the “silent” profile, and locks the keypad!!  Brilliant.
  • The Feel.  It actually feels like a nice phone.  But I guess anything feels nicer than the Apache!  

Overall I like the device.  It allows me to be always on, and connected to my customers, friends and colleagues.  And the keyboard really does allow you to tap out good responses in no time.

The GPS is total pants, but to be honest I see it as a gimmick at the moment until you start getting some good location based services.    Maps, great!!  But, come on, we live in New Zealand.  You don’t need maps here!!

It’s not as sexy as the iPhone – there’s no doubt about that.  But the sheer amount of work I’ve achieved on the device on my trip home has been quite impressive. It’ll at least keep my technolust at bay until the iPhone makes its official debut here.  Whenever that may be.


Next toy? – the Blackberry Helmet.


I need a new mobile phone.   None of the keys on my Telecom Apache no longer work, so I’m reduced to stylus only operations (or highly inaccurate big fat thumb operations).  It sucks.

I had my heart set on an iPhone after Sandy told us all you could get them from Tauranga.  But with Apple playing silly buggers with the new software release breaking the hack, I’ve got reservations.

I’m after the following:

  • a nice slimline profile, so I can carry the phone in one of may pockets without it looking like I’m carrying a brick
  • decent call quality (unlike the Apache)
  • easy access to my gmail (and ideally Outlook)
  • good and bandwidth efficient surfing ability to my GMail, GCal, Google Reader, and BBC pda
  • ability to sync up contacts
  • photos/music are nice, but not essential

Now I know there are a gazillion phones out there that could probably do the job, but I (at present) have my heart set on one of:

As you can see, I like sex!!

If you’ve have any comments or experiences with any of the above, or know a screamingly good cellphone that’d do the trick then please let us know.

I’ll blog with an update as to which road fate leads down.

UPPhew!   It’s been a busy busy couple of weeks.  I’ve been working on the mutha of all tender responses (more to come on this) so pardon my absence.

The other week I went to the Unlimited Potential New Years Party, where Wellington’s top bloggers gave their predictions for 2007.

Tom Beard gave what I thought a bold and stunning prediction that no-one under the age of 25 would buy an iPhone.  You see the iPhone really requires two hands to text.  And teens on the go would have to stop to text (“stp2txt”).  Or just look like wankers.  I kind of agreed but it wasn’t until tonight that it really drummed home.

I was on the bus surrounded by teenagers, all of them texting like crazy.  I’m telling you, these dudes were texting (“txtn”) faster than I can type!  I couldn’t take my eyes off their digit dextrosity!  So bloody fast.  And one handed.

Whoever gets their hands on an iPhone first, I’d love to see a text off (“txtff”).   Whilst jogging.

To be honest, I still want one, though.

They’re “fkn sxy”.

The iPhone: My Thoughts

January 15, 2007

iPhoneMy Oh My!  Has there been debate over this sexy little monster, the Apple iPhone, or what?

I downloaded the Macworld Keynote Address on video podcast and this gave a real good overview as to the capabilities of this device.  You’ve likely heard most of my comments echoed by others, but here goes anyway.  In no particular order:

  • It is very sexy indeed
  • I am festiduous in keeping my video iPod clean, this iPhone is gonna tip me over the edge – remember I don’t touch the screen of my video iPod!
  • Lack of 3G is a bit disappointing, but then 3G in NZ is so bloody expensive anyway does this really matter?  After all, the size of a general email is small.
  • 4GB or 8GB won’t make this thing big enough for my insatiable appetite for music and video – therefore until this changes it will not eliminate a device.  I used to have a 4GB iPod mini, and I soon learnt that wasn’t enough.
  • It only syncs with Exchange if you have enabled IMAP (which most businesses do not) – so that might alienate some of the business community who provide Telecom and Vodafone 3G devices to their staff on mass.
  • The visual voicemail is a bit of a wanky term, but the idea is great.  However, we have to hope that Vodafone (and Telecom should the iPhone ever do CDMA), play ball.  Else it’s crap.
  • Google Maps is great but boy does it chew bandwidth (I’ve tried it on the Palm and hit my 3G limit after 5 minutes!)
  • The way you resize photos is simply astounding.  Beautifully simple.
  • The SMS text conversation is just.. erm.. obvious
  • Shame it’s a closed platform.  Kind of.  You’ll still be able to buy official Apple software for it (a la iPod games)
  • Who gives a shit what it’s called?

To summarise, there’s been so much debate on this thing it is not funny.

It IS a wonderful device, and it IS a step above everything else currently out there.  Just download the keynote and watch it.  You’ll go “Wow, it’s kinda cool!’.  If I had a dollar for everytime Monsieur Jobs said that.

One thing is for certain, I will end up buying one.  Why?  Because it’s just so bloody sexy.

The Mobile Web

December 20, 2006

google mobileI must look like a right tosser on the bus home from work, continually fiddling with my HTC Apache surfing the mobile web and reading my offline websites.  Hey, I can even check-in with my works mobile “operational dashboard” (lifesaver!). I don’t care though. I’m doing work, keeping vigilant, and keeping up to speed with the million and one things you need to nowadays. And I’d look like an even bigger tosser if I had a laptop (not to mention a burnt lap).

Here’s what I use to help give me info the go:

AvantGo: Read your favourite AvantGo channels either on the go or synchronise them for offline reading. Limited range of channels, and better to sync before you leave for the bus. I currently sync 8MB of guff.

Google Mobile: I get my personalised home on my cellphone, which includes Google Reader and GMail. What’s even better is that if you link to an external site, Google automatically reformats it in a mobile friendly version – it’s better than Opera mini. You need to be “connected” though so watch those data charges.

VadeMecum: Brilliant and obscure little app that lets you read Plucker documents that you can easily create with SunriseXP. Awesome! I synch up all my favourites before I leave! Creating Passionate Users to go! Read/Write Web to go! Burnley FC to go!

And then for tunes on the go, forget about using Windows Media Mobile – the sound quality is utter sh*te. Try using GSPlayer instead.

Big tip: don’t miss your stop!