BYO Web Applications

April 3, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I posted about Teqlo, a drag and drop mashup maker.

Today, I stumbled across CogHead.  It seems to be a very similar deal.  The key difference is that Coghead appear to be more focussed on web apps as opposed to mashups.  Maybe they will end up being the same!

There are a lot of really simple web apps out there (as opposed to the simple-to-use web apps that actually do something useful).

Can the likes of Teqlo and Coghead stimulate the community to build web apps to replace these simple apps?  How good can these Teqlo and Coghead apps become?  How customisable are these apps?   At what point in complexity do you have to throw it away and truly build your own?

I suspect that these drag and drop app makers, combined with the likes of Yahoo Pipes, are just scratching the surface of community built applications.

Fun times.

I love Newsfire.   Arguably it is the sexiest and most pleasant way to read your RSS feeds.

But I’m putting it on hold.  Our household has two macs, I have a work PC, and I have a home PC.  Oh – and I have a HTC Apache in the back pocket for feed reading on the bus.  Quite simply, maintaining a consistent state of what feeds I have read and not read is just too difficult.  So it’s back to Google Reader for now.

A lot of people are going on about how important it will be for web apps to be offline enabled.   My problem is similar to this, but I need a desktop app to be more “online enabled”!  Imagine, if Newsfire (and your other desktop apps) could maintain state between other desktops and web apps.

I’m sure we’re gonna see this real soon.

RSS Half Feeds Pizza Me Off

February 18, 2007


I noticed that a couple of sites I regularly check out have finally moved towards FULL RSS feeds ( and AUBlog). About bloody time as well. Having to click to access a full article (and wait for my browser to fire up and page to render) is just outright annoying. I don’t know about others out there, but I generally take my reading effort elsewhere.

“Oh, but you won’t access our website if we provide full feeds”, you hear the ad grabbing swines whinge.

“Well put ads in your feeds”, says Mr Frustrated! “Just make it easy for me. I like your content but don’t scare me away. Your competitor is just a click away.”