Crap TV No More!

August 27, 2007

One of the downsides to living in New Zealand is the crap television.  Utterly abysmal.

Well, suffer ye no more.  A colleague (thanks Joe) recently hooked me up with  This is a great little site for pointing you to a wicked source of recent UK programmes.  It has some real goodies on there, including:

  • Match of the Day
  • The Championship (where my beloved Burnley reside)
  • Wild Water
  • The X Factor
  • Wainwrights Walks
  • Newsnight
  • Britain’s Favourite View (geez, even I didn’t realise Britain looked this good!)

Lakes henge

viaduct coast

And you can even download whole series of shows from the excellent CBeebies channel.

Brilliant!  Decent TV!  Thanks internet!  Thanks UKNova!

Here’s a bit of web2.0 fun for y’all.

Log onto and see who you look like.

The girls used to swoon over Patrick Swayze!!

[Hat tip to Fred Savage Martha]


Line RiderI regularly visit Lifehacker as I find it a great source of ways to make life much easier. It’s also a great site for coming across those wierd and wonderful things that just seem to chomp your time.

You need to play with things like Line Rider to keep up sanity, and to give you those much needed micro-breaks.

So simple. So much fun.